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What are Flat Cats?

Please note this video refers to the UK market - New video for the US market coming shortly

More about Flat cats window protection

Flat Cats are a lightweight and effective method of allowing fresh air into your property while stopping your cat from escaping and potentially falling out of a window by slipping on the window ledge, and possibly causing injury.

What are Flat Cats made from?
The Flat Cat mesh is strong pvc coated fibreglass mesh. Flat Cats are sized to suit most standard sized windows with a tailored border for extra strength. We can also make Custom Made Flat Cats where you decide the size and we "make to measure".

How does that Flat Cat attach to the window frame?
There is no need to drill holes into your window frames to fit Flat Cats! - The Flat Cat itself has a 2 inch border of hook and loop fixings machined to the mesh and going all the way around.

The Flat Cat attaches to the window frame by using corresponding self adhesive fixings of 3/4 inch (three quarter inch) width. Each Flat Cat is supplied with TWO sets of ¾ inch wide fixings to enable you to use a single set if you wish (if you have narrow window frames) or to double up with 1.5 inches of fixings (2 sets of self adhesive fixings) if you wish to.

The border of the Flat cat screen has a 2 inch width of loop fixings all round

The Flat Cat is held on the window through the pushing together of the hook and loop fixings. Once fitted the Flat Cat can be applied and removed in seconds whenever you need it. Flat Cats are suitable for either wood or UPVC window frames.

Fiting a Flat Cat to your windows is really easy.

Are fitting instructions provided?
Yes, fitting instructions are provided with each Flat Cat. We estimate that it will take around 2-3 minutes to fit a Flat Cat to your window - It really is that easy?

Can I take the Flat Cat window protection down when it is not in use?
Of course, simply pull it from the window frame (The hook and loop attachments are designed to be used time after time), then roll the Flat Cat window mesh up and store till required again. The window fixings should be left in place.

I have white UPVC windows but in your slide show the window attachments are black.
Don't worry, we supply window fixings in both Black and White. Simply make your choice when buying online.

Do Flat Cats offer any other benefits?
Yes - If you have a home office you know how annoying it is when insects fly into your room, especially when you are working on your computer in the evening. Because the Flat Cat mesh has the same size apertures as mosquito nets it will stop nearly all insects from entering your room. You therefore can prevent flies, wasps, bees and even spiders getting in.

How do I check that my windows are the correct size for Flat Cats?
We have a special sheet to help you through this. Simply click here to download, print and then, armed with a tape measure, you can measure each window you would lkike a cover for to see which Flat cat is suitable for you. If everything is ijn order you can purchase Flat cats online through this wenbaite.

If the window you wish to protect is not a standard size you can still have a Flat Cat. We have a "custom made" facility on this site where you can order any size you wish. Click here to download our window sizing sheet that will help you decide which Flat Cat you need.

I have a question which is not answered here.
No problem - We are always delighted to hear from anyone regarding Flat Cats and you can contact us by any of the following methods:

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Customer comments

Hi Dominic, I've had my Flat Cat for nearly a month now and I couldn't express how wonderful your product is.  Since putting up the screen on the day I received it, my worries of Muffin's paws being injured while resting them in the window frame instantly disappeared.  Now, I can even look forward to keeping my windows open at night in the coming summer months :-) Thank you so, so much.
CK. Edinburgh

Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say thank you for the made-to-measure door cover.I finally managed to get around to fitting it fully today. It is a perfect fit and works exactly as hoped. I am sure the cats are not as impressed but we are delighted with it. Thank you once again; kindest regards
SW. West Kirby, Wirral