Standard Flat cats (18 Sizes to choose from)

There are 18 different standard Flat Cat sizes to choose from. These range from 24"x 24" (smallest) to 60" x 84" (largest).

Please use the sizing chart to determine the correct screen size for your windows then complete the form below to make your order.

Sizes available - 24" x 24", 24" x 36", 24" x 48", 36" x 36"
Sizes available - 24" x 60", 24" x 72", 36" x 48", 36" x 60", 48" x 48"
Sizes available - 24" x 84", 36" x 72", 48" x 60"
Sizes available - 36" x 84", 48" x 72", 48" x 84", 60" x 60", 60" x 72", 60" x 84"

Prices go from $44 for a single screen up to $187 for 8 screens and you can mix and match your sizes.
Don't forget all orders come with FREE TRACKED shipping which usually takes just 7 working days from order to receipt.


You can find out which Standard Flat Cat is right for your windows by downloading the sizing chart from the link below and following the measuring chart.

Click here to download the Flat cats sizing chart


Once you have decided which Flat cat screen you require just use the form below to make your order for Standard Flat Cats.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase / order please do not hesitate to contact Dominic

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Customer comments

Dear Flat Cats - Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my order which arrived very super quick. I can now open the window without the fear of my cat attempting to escape and venture out onto the window sill. I had the best night sleep in months with a nice cool breeze flowing through the bedroom which also stopped any insects flying in too. Something so simply yet effective is definitely a hero in my household.I've attached a picture for you. Thank you so much. Jaina and Bella the Cat! 
JJ. Romford, Essex

Hi Dominic, I just wanted to thank you for the flat cats - both the product and the service. The vet told me to keep my cat indoors for health reasons so I've had a lot of worry trying to stop him from jumping out of the window and getting badly injured again (he is a rescue cat who was hit by a car) As my cat is very inquisitive and fearless, my only option was to never open windows. I was impressed with the friendly customer service and the great deal that I was given on my 3 custom flat cats. My cat has only tried to climb them once and I was pleased to see that they were very sturdy. Ive sent a photo of my cat in his new favourite place, sitting on top of the toilet looking out of the open bathroom window!I'll be moving house soon and definitely ordering some more from you.
SR - Manchester