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Top Opener Flat Cats

We understand that sometimes you just want to cover a small top opening window so we have introduced a special offer for these smaller custom made Flat Cats.

Image of maximum sizes for Flat cats top opener

Maximum width is 65cm / Maximum height is 50cm

Custom made top openers - £25 each inc P&P and VAT

Step 1 - Gather the correct sizes for your windows

Read our form about sizing your windows. This form will confirm if you need a standard Flat Cat or a custom made Flat Cat. You will need to complete this form in order to complete "Step 2" below.

If, after completing the sizing form, you decide that you require a custom made top opening Flat Cat then please read on. However, If your window suits a standard Flat Cat then please click here to purchase a standard Flat Cat online. If you are in any doubt then please feel free to email or call us (info@flat-cats.co.uk or 01526 833660)

Please also read our download "Safety for your Cat" - Click here to download document

Step 2 - Ordering your custom made Flat Cat online

Custom Top Opener Flat Cats are £25.00 for a single screen (inc P&P and VAT) and each subsquent screen ordered receives a progressively larger discount. Custom Top Opener Flat Cats are made to your specific specifications. For current shipping times please see our delivery information

NB: Please note that the maximum width for a Top Opening Flat Cat (Measurement A) is 65cm and the maximum height is 50cm

Complete the Online Order below:

1) Select the number of Flat cats that you would like to order
2) Select the combination of mesh and fixings colour that you prefer
3) Enter measurements A & D from your sizing sheet [ NB. - Measurement A is the width of the window INCLUDING the static frame on both sides. Measurement D is the height of the window INCLUDING the frame at the top and bottom]. (for example your entry may read "45cm x 55cm"). Leave blank any boxes not applicable to your order.
4) Check through your order and click "add to cart" - Any questions call us on 01526 833660
5) For orders of more than 6 Flat cats please call us for a price.


Buy Custom Top Opener Flat Cats

Prices including P&P and VAT are:
Single Custom Top Opener Flat Cats Screen: £25.00 inc P&P and VAT

Two Custom Top Opener Flat Cats Screens: £43.75 inc P&P and VAT
Three Custom Top Opener Flat Cats Screens: £61.25 inc P&P and VAT
Four Custom Top Opener Flat Cats Screens: £77.50 inc P&P and VAT
Five Custom Top Opener Flat Cats Screens: £92.50 inc P&P and VAT
Six Custom Top Opener Flat Cats Screens: £106.25 inc P&P and VAT

NB: VAT will be added to the prices in the form below at checkout

Due to the huge number of orders we have received we have now run out of some of the materials we use to make Flat Cats. Our next delivery is due on 3rd August.

We are happy to discuss orders by phone and we can arrange for your order to be made as soon as new supplies are available at the start of August.

If you would like to call us on 01526 833660 we are happy to agree your order in advance and organise payment at the start of August when we are able to manufacture again.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused, I look forward to hearing from you with any questons. Best wishes : Dominic

Customer comments

Hi Dominic, I just wanted to say thank you very much for our flat cat which was delivered last weekend :-) it fits the window perfectly & our mogsters can sniff the fresh air whilst safety contained in the flat! Means that we'll be able to open the window a little wider than previously :-) & the box was an added bonus for our little princess lady cat Skye :-) Thanks again, if we need any more in the future, we'll be in touch. 
LG. Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey

Hi - just to let you know I have fitted both blinds, images attached, very pleased. I think my wife may be looking at a couple of the other windows too, all the windows upstairs  are similar sizes
DM. Wokingham, Berkshire

Important Information

If you have an enquiry please call us on 01526 833660, email info@flat-cats.co.uk or fill in our enquiry form here.

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