Buy Extra Window Fixings for Flat Cats online

Flat Cats extra fixings - Available in 3 pack sizes.

If you would like to use your Flat cat on another window of the same size then you will need some extra fixings. We have three pack sizes availabkle of the 20mm wide fixings which are sent out as standard with all Flat cat screens.

Buy Extra Fixings for Flat Cats

8 metres - $11.88
16 metres - $20.00
25 metres - $28.00

The prices below are inclusive of VAT and P&P

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Our extra fixings packs come in either Black or White but if you require a mix of these colours just give us a call on (01526) 341186 and we can arrange this for you.

Customer comments

My cats are enjoying having the windows and back door open now the sun is shining and I am happy in the knowledge that they are safe. Your product is great it does exactly what you say.
RB. New Malden, Surrey

Thank you so much dotty loves them hehe

AS Bathgate, West Lothian

Good Afternoon, My flat cats arrived earlier....all installed now and window is open, two of my cats are examining it as I type this, so I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thankyou and that I am very pleased with it, quality is far better than what I imagined and now we are all looking forward to a cool summer
KH. Burnley, Lancashire