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Step 1 - Gather the correct sizes for your windows

Read our form about sizing your windows. This form will confirm if you need a standard Flat Cat or a custom made Flat Cat. You will need to complete this form in order to complete "Step 2" below.

If, after completing the sizing form, you decide that you require a custom made Flat Cat then please read on.

Please also read our download "Safety for your Cat" - Click here to download our guide.

Step 2 - Ordering your custom made Flat Cat Door Screen online

If, following completion of the sizing chart you find that you are advised to purchase a Flat cats door screen then you are on the correct page.

Custom Flat Cats Door Screens are $69.00 for a single screen and each subsquent screen ordered receives a progressively larger discount. Custom Flat Cats Door Screens are made to your specific specifications.

Shipping is charged at $20 (tracked shipping with Royal Mail / FedEx or similar) (please see our current shipping times here)
Total orders of $100 or more qualify for free shipping

NB: Please note that the maximum width for a Flat Cat Door Screen (Measurement A) is 66 inches, there is no restriction on height.

Complete the Online Order below:

1) Select the number of Flat cats that you would like to order
2) Select the combination of mesh and fixings colour that you prefer
3) Enter measurements A & D from your sizing sheet [ NB. - Measurement A is the width of the window INCLUDING the static frame on both sides. Measurement D is the height of the window INCLUDING the frame at the top and bottom]. (for example your entry may read "39' x 83'). Leave blank any boxes not applicable to your order.
4) For orders of more than 8 Flat cats please call us for a price
5) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below

Email - info@flat-cats-usa.com
Online Chat - Use the online chat facility in the bottom right hand corner of this page
Skype - Call Dominic right now free on https://join.skype.com/invite/ACPIPsOWhKZS
Facebook - Contact us through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/flatcatswindows
Telephone - +44 1526 833660 (International call charges may apply)

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Buy Custom Door Screen Flat Cats

Prices are:
Single Custom Flat Cats Screen: $67.00

Two Custom Flat Cats Screens: $120.00
Three Custom Flat Cats Screens: $167.00
Four Custom Flat Cats Screens: $212.00
Five Custom Flat Cats Screens: $253.00
Six Custom Flat Cats Screens: $291.00
Seven Custom Flat Cats Screens: $325.00
Eight Custom Flat Cats Screens: $355.00

Number of Flat Cats required
Please select colour of mash and fixings
Screen 1 enter figures A and D
Screen 2 enter figures A and D
Screen 3 enter figures A and D
Screen 4 enter figures A and D
Screen 5 enter figures A and D
Screen 6 enter figures A and D
Screen 7 enter figures A and D
Screen 8 enter figures A and D
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If you have any questions please contact us, we are always happy to help.

Remember that Flat Cats offer a full 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with complete confidence (applies to both standard and custom made screens)

Customer comments

Thanks so much for the custom Flat Cats screen. It's a perfect fit and I can, at last, have my French doors open onto the balcony without fear of my cats escaping. Fidget, the ginger one, launched at the screen after this picture was taken, and climbed all the way to the top. 

Realising he couldn't get the screen to come off the frame, he dropped tome floor and gave up trying. He is sitting at the front window instead now, which has the Flat Cats I bought a few years ago. 

I will always recommend your amazing product and service to friends and family. Thanks so much again.
RL. Markham, Caerphilly

Dear Dominic, I cant thank you enough for the flat cats window protector.Believe it or not we've been experiencing some sunny weather here in Scotland so little Amy enjoys nothing more than sitting by the window enjoying the breeze. And I can enjoy peace of mind shes not going to make a leap for it onto the busy road or equally worse get carried off by fantastic Mr Fox. I will most definitely be ordering some more of them and recommending them to any friends with indoor cats. Thank you for such an amazing service Kind regards
AG. Lenzie, Glasgow